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Master Thesis Project: 3D Bin Packing of Hearing Aid Components

Project Description

When designing a custom hearing aid, it is desirable to pack the electronical components as tightly as possible to make the hearing aid shell smaller and less visible in the ear.

In this project, you will investigate various solutions to optimal placement of component CAD models in 3D ear scans and evaluate which method provides the best packing.

Some suggestions could be iterative solutions, using various scales of simplified ear geometries, Machine learning for best initial guess, etc.

The 3Shape Audio software is used world-wide by the audio industry to design and 3D print in-ear devices like custom hearing aids and music headsets. The products developed by the Audio team range from Windows desktop applications for 3D scanning and CAD modelling, through patient data management and into Cloud services for data transfer and analysis.


The project should be conducted as your master thesis project. You can write it alone or in groups. You should be a master student enrolled in the Computer Science, Software Development or other relevant programs. We expect from you to have a relevant knowledge and experience in the following fields:

  • As a minimum, proficient in Matlab or similar (object oriented programming in e.g. C# is a plus)
  • 3D geometry and linear algebra

What we offer

During the project duration, you would become a member of 3Shape Audio team. Being introduced to the project, you would be expected to work on your task independently, but you would be welcomed to at our HQ in Copenhagen. Thanks to the collaboration together with 3Shape you are ensured that you will receive internal supervision and mentoring from the best specialist in the area. The agile working environment in the company will allow you to easily combine your personal wishes with the academic requirements and our expectations. Our priority is to facilitate your professional and personal development. 

3Shape Audio is a development department of about 20 friendly, energetic colleagues. We value team-work, we help each other, and we have fun together. We work in an agile environment and use Kanban as the main work process. The team members are co-located 50-50 in Copenhagen and Kiev and collaborate closely and continuously.

If this project sounds like it might be of interest, we urge you to apply via "send application" in the top right corner, including transcript of grades, CV, and cover letter. We are looking forward to receiving your application.

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