Senior Mechanic

Are you motivated by establishing a new high-tech medical manufacturing site? Working with continuous improvement and thrive in a very fast paced, international environment? Do you want to have impact on the success of 3Shape China and to work with challenging tasks of building a new company? In a manufacturing environment you will be growing the infrastructure and drive the short and long-range strategic planning process for operations.

Job Responsibility:

·       Assure high quality of produced goods

·       保证高质量的产品生产

·       Realization of production goals

·       完成生产任务

·       Work according to production instructions, compliance with production control

·       按生产规定及公司安全生产准则开展工作

·       Training co-workers according to production instructions (especially Junior Mechanics)

·       培训新员工生产准则及规范

·       Creating, controlling and completing production orders In the ERP system

·       在ERP系统中生成,掌握及完成产品订单

·       Visual inspection, control of correctness of products assembly and subassemblies, functional tests

·       检验及控制产品的组装和操作的准确性

·       Verification of BOM and material flow control in the ERP system

·       在ERP系统中确认BOM及材料进出控制

·       Compliance with safety regulations

·       遵守安全操作流程

·       Compliance with 5-S system rules

·       遵守5-S准则

·       Take care of good relationship with co-workers

·       建立与同事的良好合作关系

·       Using own knowledge and work experience to help co-workers (especially Junior Mechanics)

·       积极的培训及帮助经验较少的员工

·       Compliance with orders and company regulations

·       遵守订货及公司规章制度

·       The duty to abide by superior’s commands referring to one’s work, if they are not against the law regulations or the job agreement

·       其他上级交给的任务

·       The duty to obey a data protection act

·       遵守数据及信息安全条规


Job Requirements:

·       Education: Secondary technical school

·       中专或同等以上学历

·       Competencies: basic mechanic knowledge

·       Overall electrical knowledge

·       Overall IT knowledge

·       Independent fulfilment of delegated tasks

·       Knowledge of computers programs: related to production

·       Knowledge of foreign languages: communicative English and above 2 years of relevant work experience

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Shanghai, China

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